Things We Like

Things to Do When You Visit Our Lodge in River Falls, WI

Things We Like.

These Are Just a Few of Our Favorite Things...

Kayaking. Outdoor adventures. Fly fishing. The Kinnickinnic River. Green practices. Cool people. New Zealanders. Camping. Warm slippers. A few good beers by the fire with good friends. Dogs. Critters. River Falls. Integrity. Helping folks. Having fun. Art. Pheasant, grouse, turkey, and deer hunting. Fly Tying. A good Sauvanguvion Blanc or Pinot Grigio. Dark chocolate. Kinni Dipping.

These are just a few of our favorite things we'd like to share with you. Check back often as we add new links, cool pics, and maybe a few quippy quotes. And if you like us, make sure you go to our Facebook page and "Like Us."

A River Runs Through It. Really.

Recollection of River Falls Past

Joel Foster, a Connecticut native and the first white settler in this area, wrote this to his brother in 1848:

"I think I have found the New England of the Northwest, the same pure water, the same speckled trout, the same sumac, elder, etc... It looks as though the Almighty made this portion of our country first and made it on a perfect system, piling rocks up in beautiful mounds, spreading over them sufficient soil to dress and beautify."

Many who followed reacted the same way.

"It is a healthy place. The water is pure and the abundance of speckled trout in all the streams furnishes rare sport..." wrote W.L. Beeman in a 1900 characterization of River Falls.

River Falls still has its pure water and speckled trout. Today, River Falls is also home to a prosperous business community, several small industrial, a vibrant university, and diverse citizenry.

The county line for Pierce and St. Croix divides the city. Appropriately, the line is Division Street.

River Falls was incorporated in April 1885, by the State Legislature.

fishing with Stu at Kinni Creek

In River Falls' early years, the river was the focus of travel and commerce. Settlers took advantage of the river's power to build sawmills, brick kilns, flour mills, a barrel factory, and a pickle and sauerkraut factory, among others.

The early settlers also built churches, public and private schools, stores, and other businesses.

So much to do while you visit!

I've never been to Europe, but I can only imagine that these rolling hills, valleys, and rivers resemble what our neighbors across the pond are blessed with. There are many city parks as well as 2 state parks to enjoy hiking, birding, kayaking, and other activities. The Kinnickinnic State Park is at the confluence of the Kinnickinnic River and St. Croix River, 10 minutes east of town. The Willow River State Park is located just north of town about 15 minutes.

Things we like

At both state parks, you can enjoy where you can enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, sandy beaches, and viewing of a variety of North American wildlife and birds.

If it's golf you are interested in, you've come to the right region. There are 6 golf courses within 10 minutes’ drive of town and 20 golf courses within 20 minutes of town!

River Falls is located just 35 minutes from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, which makes it very convenient to get here from anywhere in the world! We've had visitors at Kinni Creek Lodge and Outfitters from 49 countries so far! The small university in town also has many international connections putting River Falls on the global scene for many notable achievements. Located in such close proximity to the Twin Cities major metropolitan area, River Falls has often been referred to as a bedroom community for commuters to the metro.

A River Runs Through It...

The Kinni and Its Watershed
Compliments of The Kinnickinnic River Land Trust.

The Kinni is designated an "Outstanding Resource Water" by the Wisconsin Legislature—the highest classification possible.

It rises north of Interstate 94 in St. Croix County, Wisconsin and flows generally southwest for about 22 miles until it empties into the St. Croix River. It is joined by several spring creeks along its course (including Parker Creek, Kelly Creek, South Fork, and Rocky Branch) draining a watershed area of 240 square miles (153,000 acres). On a typical day, the Kinni flows at 50 cubic feet of water per second. There are 23 public Anglers parking areas along the river.

The Kinni watershed is characterized by scenic bluff lands, rare oak savanna, original prairie, farm land, white pine forest, wooded coulees, sedge meadows, rare and endangered plant species (including the Fameflower), beautiful stands of white pines, and plenty of open space and scenic vistas. Its feeder creeks are cold and clean, containing wild native brook trout, important spawning areas, wetlands, and many springs arising from under picturesque limestone outcroppings. Its acreage is home to deer, wild turkey, pheasants, rabbits, ducks, and other wildlife. Within the Kinni watershed can be found 40 Endangered, Threatened, or Special Concern species, 500 plant species (40% of all plant species found in Wisconsin), 100 nonvascular plants (mosses, lichens, etc.), and 140 bird species (50% of the species found in Wisconsin).

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"The Kinnickinnic River is home to a wonderful variety of plant communities and species. From goat prairies to balsam fir stands, from weeping cliffs to sedge meadows, this river must not be taken for granted.

In my estimation, this combination of plant communities and endangered species is a rare gem and must be conserved. I have seen nothing like it in the Upper Mississippi River Basin."

- Sara Rogers, National Biological Survey

Eating & Shopping

River Falls has become well known for its 2nd hand stores with a half dozen or so spattered throughout the storefronts downtown, many of which raise money for nonprofit organizations.


The River Falls Farmers market has become somewhat of a social occasion every Saturday morning during the season at the corners of Locust and 2nd Streets. You will find fresh produce, eggs, organic beef, honey, cheese curds, apples, maple syrup, and beautiful flowers.

The downtown area offers a few pub style menus, several pizza places, a cafe, and a couple of Mexican & Chinese restaurants.

On the North end of town, you will find the finest food at The Kinni Cafe and St. Croix Lanes Bowling.